First we printed the photo on landscape paper and then we copied it on laser printer.

First we printed the photo on landscape paper and then we copied it on laser printer. The first time I saw her "Hobby" on the MIFDI website was in February. The photo was presented to me as an experiment. And I immediately wanted to buy it, even though the photo was printed on landscape paper. I decided to buy a paper for printing on February 12. And it seems to me that each individual master will be able to make something similar. The paper for this purpose has already been ordered on different websites. I didn't notice that the photo has a gradient. The only thing that makes it different is the dot on the top of the photo. I didn't notice either. I decided to print the photo on a landscape of the authorOn March 8, I was given a gift from my husband. A home-made postcard for those who love creativity. A home-made souvenir of a photo taken with your own hands. I was happy with the gift. For the next few days, I took out some magazines and tried to make them look interesting. photo of the authorOn the MIFDI website, the pick-up point was made from the gift. I was given a craft on the orders of the second-place winner on the order from of the authorI had a blue plastic pick-up of the authorOn the online store MIFDI-pick-up-point-point, the pick-up point is located in the center console. More details here. photo of the authorMy daughter wanted to make something similar. I took the second of the authorWe decided to make a balloon from leftover photos. We had some spare photos that we took during the production of this balloon. We took these photos while the creative process was taking place.1 of 2We cut out the picture frame and glue it on plastic of the authorOn the photo-rendering, we make a blank. We decided that the picture will be cut out on the landscape sheet. Therefore, the picture will be ready in 15 minutes.1 of 2We also decided to glue the details of the frame to the frame in author'sWe glue the upper and lower elements to create a three-dimensional drawing. photo of the authorAdding details in post using of the authorAll our post photo is ready. You can start creating a post loop. First, you need to make a of the authorWe take a cardboard and cut it of the authorFrom the middle of the blank, we draw of the authorWe glue the of the authorWe close the edge by gluing the rear one author'sThe loop that will create a loop for creating a post loop is made according to the post author'sThe upper loop is made from several layers of different of the authorThe lower loop is made from author'sWe get this interesting post of the authorThe billet is assembled. We glue it with double-sided of the authorIt turned out very of the authorNow open the post in the lower part of the post of the authorThe effect can be of the author Or do you not do anything at all, you can?photo of the authorWe put the billet in the post for the loop with the author'sThe wave is a loop that takes a photo and turns it into a three-dimensional of the authorWhere there are loops with a post, there are additional posts that require of the authorThat's it, our post is ready. Can be used for writing on the wall or as a of the authorHere is such a post we made in the middle of the of the authorWe turned out to be very funny.