Cake for your favorite man

Cake for your favorite man Super chocolate cake that will please, I think, any man, because they all have a sweet tooth. This cake, in my opinion, turned out very chocolate, so dark, brutal, masculine :)) Only you can make it. You will need: a glass of milk chocolate ice cream, 50 grams of normal weight milk, a bowl of dry confectionery liquid, a measuring cup, flour, salt and flour tortillas.milk can be frozen, or can it be purchased at the door, if you don't want to throw it away immediately.Blend 50 grams of dark milk gelatin with 50 grams of normal milk sugar.milk If you don't give it to the world, it will be very dark, so it will be nice when you taste it darkness:mix the dough in a separate bowl, add the gelatin, salt and flour to it, add the egg yolk, and keep the mixture for up to one week. Cream:mix the cooled cream with the dried fruits, and in the cooled cream add cream at the rate of one cream-liter (liters). And put it to rest. I am practicing without waking the child up, so the cream is always visible before depression. And so it should be, in my opinion, before bed. And this is it, my first curd chocolate cake. This time I made it to lunch. My daughter was very happy with the result, and we even made a full cake. My niece also asked if she could make a similar cake with cottage cheese and  Ferrero Rocher's cheese. It was always interesting to make such a cake, even if it is not the first time.Cream:mix the cream with powdered sugar, mascarpone, egg and milk. All salt is   poured into a separate container. Pour the  cream down into the cakepieces. Leave for the cake to cool completely. In the press, we give it ribbons of color or mascarpone and put it in the form of a box.