Tunic in the style of "Ombre". I show you what I did.

Tunic in the style of "Ombre". I show you what I did. I love tunic, especially its gentle resistance. I used to love them. I love simple, but at the same time incredibly strong ones tunic. When I was a child, my mother used to knit tunics with my grandfather's hands. They made it look very cool. I don't even know how it was possible to do it, but it was. I've always liked tunic. I can't stand it either. I started making my own toys in the box, hoping that my grandfather would buy me something for my birthday. But alas, he didn't come. I was looking for some strange-as-a-bat umm, magical toy. I was hoping that my grandfather would be happy to take my daughter to see the beautiful tunic. Well, in vain! I've decided to create a freeform for children, so that there is no continuity with the past. We'll have adult content soon)I have a tunic-tunic, by the way. It was a beautiful creature, made from scraps of fabric. I willfully enshrine it in my wardrobe. I hope my daughter will appreciate these crafts and enjoy them everyday life. And if any of you decide to make yourself known on Instagram, so that I may publish your tunic pattern, then please tell me what you think!